Publicat de: Mihai A. Pop | Februarie 2, 2011

Irlanda, ce e de vazut?

Ne pregatim pentru plecarea in Irlanda, insa abia de ieri avem ghidul Lonely Planet, adica pana acum avem biletele de avion, avem rezervata o masina, dar atat.

Singurul lucru cu care ne-am pregatit este un tur al Dublinului, cu cele mai importante lucruri de vazut, insa una peste alta in Dublin nu ai de ce sa petreci mai mult de o zi, decat daca vrei sa bei grup.

Asadar urmatoarea intrebare, pentru cei ce au calcat in Irlanda sau mai educati pe subiect, este Ce trebuie musai vazut?

De facut, o sa facem si noi ca romanii, asa ca nu ne facem probleme.

Astept idei.




  1. Deja de pe acum probabil e prea tarziu dar din nefericire la mine la colegiu abia a trecut balul de primavara, asa ca abia azi am primit cate ceva de la irlandezii de pe aici (care nu sunt prea multi si sunt in general in anul 3, asa ca nu ma intalnesc prea des cu ei):

    You have to visit Galway (west coast) and Cork (south coast) and please promise me , you will not start any conversation , or even mention your „great grand parents” from Ireland while here. (nu cred ca e cazul oricum dar poate te vede vreunul mai inalt si blond )

    It will instantly get you ignored/ ridiculed/ completely ripped off money wise in any establishment or taxi.

    Also , consider visiting „the burren”, which is in Co.Clare

    Being from Northern ireland I might be biased, but if you’re in Dublin its only 1 hour 30 minutes to travel to Belfast, by bus or train. Its a great city, good pubs/nightlife, plus historical/troubles tours that Americans tend to find interesting. Dispite what you might think its actually of the safest cities in Europe for foreigners to visit (we only attack our own kind), plus we’re not in the Euro zone so its considerably cheaper than the Republic of Ireland. The Giant’s Causeway, Antrim coast area is stunning and a World Heritage site, let me know if you’re interested and i can suggest some good hostels/tours.

    On the travelling front though I would say that if you’re on the island Nick, it would be a waste if you didn’t pop up onto Ireland’s hat for a visit. Even if just for a weekend. The craic up here is plentiful, everyone talks to everyone. The arts and culture are everywhere, we make tasty food and the weed can be pretty damn good. Oh and things are much, much cheaper up here. Seriously.

    If you’re really going to be travelling around a lot, I’d recommend some of the beaches in Co. Donegal in the North West. Although it might be hard to get transport out for a day trip, and the infrastructure isn’t excellent (there’s apparently only one set of traffic lights in the county, in Letterkenny, not sure on the validity of this claim though), It really is one of my favourite places in Ireland. Maybe take a trip to Tory Island or Arranmore Island. Climb Mount Errigal?

    Don’t know what your financial situation is like, or who you’re travelling with, but if you’ve got the cash to spare this place is worth a look

    it’s a spa/adventure centre in the west of Ireland, great if you’re going with a family; archery, surfing, abseiling, all that jazz . It is pretty expensive though.

    In afara de asta, ceva tot apare in diverse variante in toate mesajele primite inapoi azi:

    If you like your stout, the Guinness Brewery would be a good bet. I’m pretty sure Jamesons Irish Whiskey distillery does tours too.

    Daca v-ati intors deja sper ca nu ati avut timp sa va plictisiti 🙂 si ca aveti destule lucruri frumoase de povestit.

    Best wishes.

    • Multumesc de mesaj, tocmai azi m-am intors in localitate, si o sa revin cu un articol despre experienta.

  2. La Multi Ani !!

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